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Rhinestone cuff bracelet, tall cuff bracelet with vintage rhinestones, butterfly's, stampings and crystal elements

$ 175.00

Statement Cuff Bracelet features a tall silver cuff adorned with layers of a stunning assortment of vintage rhinestone jewelry, silver filigree and bronze filigree.

With a butterfly and flower theme this large cuff has a romantic Victorian feel to it and is covered in unique OOAK adornments. This is a one of a kind statement bracelet that cannot be reproduced due to all the wonderful components used to create it.

A pair of antique silver angel wings are topped with a vintage rhinestone brooch in a floral pattern, that flows into an array of carefully placed bronze and silver butterfly's, flowers, filigree floral stamping's and more vintage rhinestone jewelry. Sprinkled thorough out the bracelet are crystal elements catching your eye and adding sparkle

It is all carefully mounted and sealed with a clear resin giving it a glass like finish to maintain it's beauty forever and add a durability to this stunning bracelet.

The cuff is 7" in length, 3" tall and flares a bit at both ends, it has an opening off 1" to slide on and off your wrist. It is not recommend that you squeeze bracelet to size it. It has been assembled with cold connections and resin and is not flexible.

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