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See how easy it is.......


I never thought I would have a blog, but then I also never thought I would be selling my jewelry designs online!

With the launch of my website I also wanted to start a blog so I can share some of the more interesting aspects of designing and making my jewelry. I also want to share some of the gorgeous creations that I see while shopping on Etsy, Pinterest, and other sites that talented artists and collectors display their collections for sale. 

For my first post I want to share how I started my Etsy shop and also take a moment to showcase the talented artist that showed me the world of Etsy with the simple words...."see how easy it is" .

As I have mentioned in my profile on Etsy, I come from a family that is very artistic. My Grandmother made wonderful crochet treasures, ceramics and a plethora of arts and crafts. Plus she had a fantastic green thumb.
The talent passed to the next generation and my Mother creates, well let me see, I guess everything. From stained glass to the finest needle work, if you want to know how to make something you only need to ask her. Not only does she know how to create/make things they are all quality works of art. And her craft room /studio is better than some craft stores I have been in.

Well back to how I started with my online shop. While over at my Mom's one day, having a crafting day in her fantastic studio, she told me about Etsy and how easy it was to set up a shop. Of course I didn't believe anything could be easy about setting up an online store, with pictures and what not but was I in for a surprise
When we finished our  project for the day, I got a to watch the process of taking a photo, setting up an Etsy listing and posting it. After listing the item in her shop my Mom said "see how easy it is"......
And that is when I started thinking about what I might want to create and share online.

Now that you know a bit about how I got started with online selling. I would like to share some of the gorgeous handmade wonders in my Mom's shop and invite you to drop in and visit at her Etsy shop:

Here is a preview of the lovely creations you will see when visiting Roses in Winter.

Altered Fabric Art Journal

Mini Dress Form

Paris Style Wall Pocket

French Style Velvet Strawberry

You can always check out the new designs by stopping by and visiting Roses in Winter at her Etsy shop or take a peek at her blog where she shares many of her treasures.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new adventure in blogging. I will be sharing more awesome artisans in the near future.

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    Congratulations on your lovely new blog! I wish you much success.

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