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About the designer

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Char enjoyed handmade art from a young age. Her family is very artistic so she was fortunate to see handcrafted treasures created from start to finish. Her family owned a supply and hobby shop and in later years a ceramic shop. With this creative background designing and creating come second nature to her, if she can dream it she designs it.
Char spent several years in the wholesale gift industry, creating unique designs with fabric, ceramics, jewelry and anything else that caught her eye. Offering originally designed fabric and ceramic carousel horse music boxes is where she learned to love and appreciate music boxes.
Designing jewelry has proven to be her passion and she is now focused on designing and creating unique assemblage pieces that are collectible and everyone can enjoy.

Charโ€™s favorite designs includes the use of brass and silver ox stampings, vintage jewelry, semi - precious gem stones, beads and other findings that catch her eye.
Although she designs and makes many different pieces of jewelry featuring an array of mixed media her favorites to design and create are music box lockets and pocket watches.
Watches have always been a favorite accessory of hers and the by combining her love of old fashioned pocket watches and lovely embellishments she is able to offer a wide variety of unique and collectible pocket watches.
Her love of music boxes and the love of vintage jewelry prompted her to combine these passions and create some vintage look music box lockets. They are pill box in size, fashioned after the 18th century snuff boxes called carillons ร  musique.

She finds that the music box locket designs and unique pocket watch designs make just the perfect piece of jewelry that become a special keepsake for a special occasion or a unique gift and is very happy to work with people on special designs for the their special occasion.