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Count Down to Puppy Day!!!!!


About three years ago I started thinking about getting a new puppy. My older rescue dog Turk was a good boy but needed a pal. He was a Black Lab and Springer Spaniel mix. With age he had slowed down a bit so I decided a puppy was just what we needed to get him moving and playing a bit more. 

So started the quest for a new family member.

We had always had big dogs, for a few years we had Old English Mastiffs. They are awesome dogs and we were fortunate enough to have had three of them. We had sized down when we brought Turk home and I was thinking that the next dog I would get should be small enough that I could take them with me everywhere.

After researching and lots of looking at adorable puppies on the internet we decided a Boston Terrier would be the perfect dog for us. They are such cute dogs with so much personality. Little did I know that I would need to hurry and get a deposit down on one when litters came up for sale. I would see a litter advertised and would wait a couple days before contacting anyone and they would all be spoken for. A couple misses was enough for me, the next litter that came up for sale, I hurried and selected our little Libby.

We brought her home and Turk of course was not feeling the puppy love like we were. Over the past two years he and Libby became as close as a grumpy old boy and a hyper puppy could get. This Spring we lost our favorite old boy Turk. The family as well as our animals moped and missed him so very much. The cat walked around the house meowing and looking for his friend and Libby could not understand where her pal was. It has been very sad and we will always miss our special boy Turk.

Once again I have a dog that needs a pal to play with so here we are, this time looking for a playmate for Libby. We were fortunate enough to find a litter of Boston's that will be ready to go to new homes on 6/22 and we are anxiously waiting for our boy Roscoe to come home. Well, I don't know about Libby wanting to hurry and get Roscoe but I do!

Libby will need to learn to share, here she is waiting for a belly rub.

Roscoe is the little guy on the right, he is a cutie.
With all this Boston Terrier puppy fever, I have found some really great finds on Etsy, from some talented artists that feature my favorite little puppies. 

This is a gorgeous little felted Boston Terrier that would look great anywhere on my desk.

A great print with this Boston lady.

And no day is ever finished without a Boston Martini.

We are counting down the days to bring our new Boston home and will be sure and post many pictures when we get our new baby. Until then please enjoy all the great artwork from Atisians with the great Boston theme.


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  • Char's Favorite Things on

    You can bet I will be posting a lot of them!

  • Annie de Pierre on

    Can’t wait to see the photos! :)

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