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I love working with vintage jewelry.


I love it when I see something in my head and the design turns out just perfect! That is how I felt about designing a new piece of jewelry for my cousin. Well actually it is three new pieces that you can wear alone, mix and match or wear all three necklaces together, which is what I had in mind.

I started this project with some vintage fresh water pearls that were on a leather and chain necklace. I was not impressed with the presentation of the current necklace, but loved the different shapes, sizes and colors of the vintage fresh water pearls that were on the chain portion of the necklace.

My cousin was hoping for a necklace that would be a beach theme and have several different layers of chains. In my mind I saw a short necklace with several chains, the next layer would be taking the vintage pearls and putting them on new layers of chain. Ending the piece would be a pocket watch locket case filled with treasures from the sea, including a little sea horse, star fish, sand dollars and shells.

With the design in mind I went to work and was able to design the picture I had in my head to a finished piece that I was happy to send to my cousin. It is very versatile and she loved it which made me happy.

It is definitely a one of a kind piece that I would never be able to create again. So I am happy it made its way to a good home.

Below are a few different pictures of the finished piece. Β 

One more project to do for my cousin, it will be a bit different than my normal fair and I can't wait to share it.

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