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I love creating and designing my jewelry. When I am shopping for supplies, which is quite often as I am a bit addicted, I find awesome goodies that I can visualize in the completed design. Sometimes I put it together and take it apart, tweak it, let it sit for a few days and come up with the finished piece of jewelry. Other times I am able to work it up and it is like magic, comes out perfect the first time.

Once a piece is designed and completed I move on to listing it in my Etsy shop and on my website. After this step it is fun to see where this piece of jewelry ends up. It is very exciting to get the orders from other countries and know that my design has traveled many miles to find a new home. Wish I could go along with it and see all the amazing sites. It is also a wonderful feeling to know that a piece of jewelry is going to be in a wedding, or a special gift that has meaning to the customer for other occasions.

The best feeling of all is when I get an awesome thank you from my wonderful customers. It just makes my day to have a customer tell me that when they saw my piece of jewelry they knew it was "just the one". It is a good feeling to know that what I dream up in my head is just what another person was looking for.

So when I get a note telling me it was just what they were looking for it really makes my day!

I just want to take a minute to tell all my awesome customers "thank you", for making my day.

This is a fun photo I received from a customer last week that was very happy with a pocket watch, as they had looked for quite a while through the many choices and when they saw mine, they knew it was just the one!


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