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Spring brought me kittens!


I had a great surprise a few days ago. I have a cute little female cat that decided to adopt my house as her home. That is fine with me, most of my cats come to me this way.

We live out of town and people tend to drop off unwanted cats. I personally think this is horrible and can't imagine what kind of person does this but unfortunately it happens quite often.

So I now have a menagerie of cats that I have been having neutered and spayed as I can afford to. My cat is a tiny little thing that was on the schedule and she all of a sudden went missing for a couple of days.

I went on a full on kitty hunt looking for her and found her in my shed, inside an old tire with three tiny kittens. She didn't even look pregnant so I was quite surprised. The kittens are little tiger stripe dolls.

The next step will be finding good homes for them. My veterinary clinic said I can post photos of the little cuties there so I am hoping they will find good forever homes. If not then I guess I will be checking with our local Humane Society.

I will be posting pictures of the little cuties in the upcoming weeks so if you want to take a peek at some cute little fluff balls you can visit them here.

In the mean time, take a look at some of these awesome kitty wonders I found on Etsy.

I have my Kitty fix for the day, hope you enjoy them!

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  • Char Baumgardner on

    Thanks Michele, they are too cute not to love!

  • Potti Team on

    Darling, Char!! You are such a sweetie to be a kitty refuge!! <3


  • My Fairy Jewelry on

    You are Such a Wonderful girl with a Heart of Gold!
    will write after Fairy photos…taking forever!

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