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Typical Monday


No wonder we are never happy to have Monday's roll around. At my house that is always the day that something will decide to break. I sometimes think my appliances are all plotting against me. 

I went to do a load of laundry today and found that my washer would not do anything. It seemed like the electricity was just dead. I tried the plug in and it was fine, that was pretty much the extent of my trouble shooting before deciding I would have to call the repairman. Can't get behind on the laundry.

Before I pulled out my phone book to call Sears and set up a service call, I googled the problem on the internet....... And what do you know, I found the answer. There is a small plastic lever on the lid of the washer that needs to lock into place when you close it. It was not working quite right and after wiggling and jiggling I got it to go!! Woo hoo, I love the internet and my washer.

Lets hope Tuesday is a better day. 

So glad we no longer have a to use these washers. :)

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