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Bling from a Box


A couple of months ago while I was wasting time browsing on ebay, I bumped into a listing for a box of resin flowers at a awesome price. Since I use resin flowers in many of my designs I just had to have this. I didn't just want it I NEEDED it! That's what I told myself anyway, so I put in my order and waited for my box of happiness to arrive at the post office.

A few days later my box arrived and to say I was happy with my purchase was an understatement. I was like a kid in a candy store. The box was a medium size "if it fits it ships" box and it was filled to the brim with resin flowers of all colors shapes and sizes. I did the happy dance and then started sorting the flowers.


The next big question was what new fun thing could I make with my bountiful booty. The vendor had really outdone themselves by sending me such a great variety of flowers to work with. As I sorted the sizes and colors I decided instead of buying a new phone case I was going to try and make my own, after all I had the great flowers and a ton of charms and goodies that I use to design my jewelry. So I took the plastic case I had on my phone off my phone, and started laying flowers, brass stampings, assorted rhinestones and goodies all over it.

It looked like it would be easy enough to do but I decided to sketch it out a bit and make a paper template of my phone and where the camera was. Next I laid out the flowers and things I wanted on my case to make sure it was going to fit where I wanted it to. After a bit of re-organizing it looked like it would all work.

Next I took the plastic phone case and a bit of sandpaper and lightly sanded it so the glue I was going to use would work well. After this step I used my E6000 glue and started gluing. I used brass stampings, rhinestones, pearls and lots of the resin flowers. It took longer than I thought it would to get it all glued down but once I did it looked great. I let it dry overnight and the next day I covered it all with clear resin. This gave it a nice glossy shine and will hold it all in place forever. You could also use Modge Podge for this step or a clear varnish.

I was really happy with the results and made a few cases for friends and family.

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There are a ton of amazing youtube videos on how to make your own customized phone case. If this looks like fun to you, start on some cool one of a kind holiday gifts now. Start picking up goodies and make some special phone cases for gifts. Just make sure to get a plain plastic case that is the correct style for the phone you want to make a case for.

If you are not into shopping on ebay a trip to any craft store will have everything you need to make your phone cases.

Have fun!!


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