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Never on Schedule

Well the exciting plan for this summer was that we ordered a new studio for our business. We have been fortunate enough to see significant growth each year and it is no longer easy to try and run a business in a one room studio inside of our house.

So we did our homework and decided on a pre-built studio with a rustic cabin look that we could order and they would deliver it to us. Delivery was supposed to be in June, but it did not arrive until the end of August.

Then of course there were all the surprises that came along with the studio. To wire the studio for electric we first had to completely re-do the breaker box and breakers inside of our house and add some blank breakers for the shop.

Contractors are either very good or very bad. Apparently we chose a very bad one. He drug his feet and did not even give us a quote. By this time it is the end of September and we have done nothing to our brand new studio.

Luckily we found an amazing contractor and the electric work is now finished so we can start on the shop. Great, right? The answer would be "no". it is now my busiest time of year and I cannot walk away from my customers and orders to drywall, paint, put down flooring and decorate my dream studio.

So I have learned to regroup, it is actually my favorite word now. I will be re-grouping and start working on my studio after my holiday season. Only three more months then I will have a bit of time to put my dream studio together just the way I want it.

In the mean time I will continue to work out of my one room studio in the house and make some new designs for the upcoming Christmas season.

Here is a sneak preview of the outside of the studio. it has a rustic wood finish and inside it has two lofts so I will have tons of storage. I just can't wait.

Of course it is going to need a bit of landscaping and add some flowers out in front of it. It also has a nice white door with a window but it was so warm the day I took the pictures and  I had the door open.

Stay tuned for more updates as we start our journey to turn this into my perfect studio.





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