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Our New Studio is Finished!


Last year we started our journey to get a studio set up to accommodate our growing business. We did some research and decided that it would be easier and faster to purchase a prefabricated building and finish the inside ourselves. We would be able to get a very large building and put it on our property, problem solved!

What a process this was. To begin with our building was delivered nearly two months late. Well ok, we would deal with it. Dealing with it meant we could not begin the inside construction until after our busy season, that lasted until May ofΒ  2017.

Fortunately for me, my husband was retiring and decided he could get everything completed for me in 4 weeks. Boy was he in for a surprise, took a bit longer than he expected. He did an amazing job with a bit of help, and it was a learning process all along the way.

By the 4th of July it was pretty much finished. Nearly a year after it arrived it was ready to move into. Needless to say moving everything and not closing our business to move was interesting. But now it is finished and we have plenty of room to work and expand as needed.

I love walking into the studio each morning and the first thing I see is the awesome paintings of our fur babies hanging on the wall. They bring a smile to my face, a big thanks to Carol Blackhurst owner of Painted By Carol.

Below are some photos of the new studio and the working space inside. We are pretty happy with it.



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