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Enjoy Our New Collection of Magnifying Glass Pendants.

Char's Favorite Things Magnifying glass pendants Monocle

These elegant and vintage inspired magnifying glass pendants really work and are a stunning statement piece to wear with anything. Very useful as they magnify up to 5X. Use them for reading at the office, reading the menu at  restaurants and any other time you need a bit of help to read. With a gorgeous variety of designs, these pendants are that special piece for your collection or a  great gift. Enjoy our new line of magnifying pendants. Magnifying Glass Pendant Collection.  

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Our New Studio is Finished!


Last year we started our journey to get a studio set up to accommodate our growing business. We did some research and decided that it would be easier and faster to purchase a prefabricated building and finish the inside ourselves. We would be able to get a very large building and put it on our property, problem solved! What a process this was. To begin with our building was delivered nearly two months late. Well ok, we would deal with it. Dealing with it meant we could not begin the inside construction until after our busy season, that lasted until...

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It's here ♫ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♪ ♩

Our new music box order has arrived. We restocked all of our favorite tunes and added a few new ones to our line up. No chance of running out of our favorite tunes anytime soon. If you are looking for that unique gift for someone special, stop by one of our online stores and check out our music box lockets. Visit us on: Etsy Amazon Char's Favorite Things Available music box tunes: Amazing Grace America the Beautiful Ava Marie Beautiful Dreamer Beauty and the Beast Blue Danube (B) Brahms Lullaby Born Free Candle in the Wind Castle in the Sky...

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Never on Schedule

Well the exciting plan for this summer was that we ordered a new studio for our business. We have been fortunate enough to see significant growth each year and it is no longer easy to try and run a business in a one room studio inside of our house. So we did our homework and decided on a pre-built studio with a rustic cabin look that we could order and they would deliver it to us. Delivery was supposed to be in June, but it did not arrive until the end of August. Then of course there were all the...

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Time flies.

Spring is gone Summer is here and I have not done a blog post since Fall. It does not seem like it has been that long ago that I was getting ready to launch our new website but it has come and gone. Time does fly by so fast it amazes me. Since I have last been here we have had a fun vacation with family that included a trip to Astoria Oregon. It was nice to visit eat some yummy sea food and go through the Maritime Museum. Upon returning home from our Astoria visit we were greeted with...

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