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Black Skull and Crossbones Mechanical Pocket Watch

$ 79.00

Men's mechanical pocket watch in black with silver skull and crossbones mounted on front cover of pocket watch. The skull and crossbones have been sealed with a clear resin to give a mirror like finish.

The watch has a black dial featuring silver roman numerals. This is a mechanical self wind watch that needs no batteries. When you open the watch you can see the gold cogs and wheels that run the watch. The watch case is a rich black and the back of the watch displays gold cogs and inner watch workings.

The chain is a traditional clip chain and is 13" in length and has tiger eye beads adorning it.

The watch case is a rich bronze and front cover opens to reveal watch face, you can see the gold cogs and inner watch workings on the back of the watch.

Watch can be opened by pressing the knob to reveal the time. The time can be adjusted by lifting the knob and rotating it.

Watch face diameter 1 1/2"
Locket diameter 1 3/4"
Chain length 13"

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