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Bluberry Heaven


About five years ago we finally planted four blueberry bushes. I was so very excited to get this done as we had been talking about it for years and blueberries are my absolute favorite berry. So it is silly but it was on my bucket list to have my very own blueberry bushes. 

The first year I patiently waited and was so excited when the little bushes started to bloom. Counting down the days until the little blue nuggets  were ready to eat. There were not many on the bushes and I was a bit disappointed that there were not more berries but when they were ripe they were delicious! The first year I got maybe two cups.

As the years have passed each year brought more berries and I have been able to make jam and syrup and freeze some. Great for me because I love them. This year, in the Pacific Northwest, they are saying that blueberries are a bumper crop due to the weather we have had. I have to agree, I have picked and picked, made jam and jelly, yummy syrup and frozen so many to use later in the winter. And I still have a ton of berries on my plants. I am now inviting the neighbors over to pick some and enjoy them.

Just for fun, I thought I would check out blueberries on Etsy and was completely delighted to find so many awesome products and treats. What a variety, whether you are looking for a goody made with the berries to eat or something great for skin care, they have it all. Jewelry, jams, soaps, cheesecake and don't forget the doggy treats! 

Take a moment and check out the wonderful selection of blueberry goodness. 


Blueberries, so yummy and versatile!

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