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Bee Careful!


It is that time of year again when the bees are out and about. They are so fun to watch, especially the bumble bees, but many people are very allergic to them and have a serious reaction to a sting. 

I found out my new puppy is in the very allergic group. I am used to seeing my animals get stung once in awhile in the summer time. They swell up and need a bit of benadryl, then they are good to go.  

That is not the case with our new Boston Terrier puppy Roscoe. Yesterday he was out in the yard playing and came in acting a bit strange. Kind of wobbling back and forth and looking a bit disoriented. He is always running around like a tiny terror but not yesterday. He looked like maybe he was having a seizure of some sort but since he was not swollen anywhere I didn't think about a bee sting.

Fortunately our vet was able to get him in right away and found that he was stung by a bee inside his mouth. He had gone into shock. Our Vet is awesome, a round of steroids, benadryl and IV and he was feeling better in a few hours. 

Just a reminder to watch out for the bees! However the bees below are to check out and 


Busy time of year for the bees, fun to look at but watch out for that stinger!

Honey Bee Necklace.........

It's My BEE-day Bumble B...

Pure RAW Honey from Oregon b...

Beeswax Candle Rustic Square...

Silver Bee Business Card Cas...

Silver Oval Locket Necklace ...

Bee Ring in Sterling Silver ...

Bumble Bee Pill Box, Vintage...

Little Honey Bee Cupcake Top...

Bee, Original watercolor pai...

SALE Bumble Bee Honeycomb Pe...

Bizzy Bee Set

Big Bee Mug

Bumble Bee Goblets

Honey comb necklace with rea...

Bumble Bee Chocolate Dipped ...

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