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Tie-Dyed Cake,Yummy!!!!


This is a really cool fun cake you can make and everyone will enjoy looking at it and eating it! The cake mix is a Duff cake mix I found at our local Safeway. The picture on the box caught my eye and I had to give it a try. If you can't find the mix at your local store they do have a website that features all their amazingly fun cakes and products.

You mix up the cake mix per the instructions, then use the colored dyes provided in the mix to make a pattern on your cake. Get creative, it bakes just the way you put your colors in. The cake is tye-dyed all the way through not just on top.

To finish mine off I frosted it with a soft pink frosting and sprinkles. I think it would look great with a dark color frosting also. This is a really fun cake to put together and if you have children it would be a awesome project for an afternoon of baking.Β 


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