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We Found Batman’s Pocket Watch!!


The end of the year came so quickly and now January is flying by as well. So many things to do and I am afraid I have been neglecting my blogging. Hopefully I will settle into a routine soon and get back to adding some fun posts on a regular basis.

I was working on some orders from my etsy shop today and found that one of my pocket watches had been getting quite a bit of attention. After a bit of investigation I found it had been featured on the website they feature gifts for men.

They put a spin on my bat pocket watch with a funny write up about Batman. Was fun to check out and a perfect thing to share as my first blog of 2014. 

Hope everyone has a great year and gets a chuckle out of the Batman pocket watch. 


Okay, so maybe this isn't officially endorsed by the DC Universe, but how could it be anything but the very pocket watch that Bruce Wayne wears when he sleeps through corporate meetings and attends lavish Gotham City balls? The Bat Pocket Watch is now available on Etsy from the store Char's Favorite Things, which also includes a number of other designs, each built with the sturdiest of craftsmanship using actual metal, glass beads, and a durable 13-inch chain that add class while making it easier to keep up with this beauty.
The watch face diameter measures about 1 1/2 inches while the locket diameter is 1 3/4 inches. Last but not least, an extra battery is included as part of the sale price. Of course, we’re of the belief that it doesn't matter whether this thing gives good time or not. The bat design on the cover piece is all we needed to see. If we wanted to actually tell time, we’d just use our phones. Still, the fact that it can get you to class or work on time is an added perk.

For more custom pocket watches check:

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