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A cat's life


As I have mentioned before, I have several cat's.

My indoor tuxedo cat is named Evan and he thinks he is a king. He only does what he wants to, when he wants to. That includes letting us pet him. If he is in the mood fine, if not, well you don't get to touch his luxurious fur or he bites you. Not hard at first, but if you don't leave him alone he increases the pressure on the bite. But he is still my favorite spoiled cat.

When browsing Etsy for cat accessories I found the most awesome shop, I just had to share. I want to get my kitty some of this gear. I am sure he would not like to wear it but I on the other hand would love it!

The name is the shop is totally awesome also,Β Bitchknits. You must check it out if you are looking for a Mohawk hat for your cat or any other cute cat hat. They also have a nice supply of cat toys.Β 


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