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Making Memories..........


I have been very busy adding a new collection of music box lockets to my ever expanding line of jewelry. This collection is very close to my heart as I had my Grandma in mind with each piece that I designed for the collection.

I had never heard the phrase making memories, that I remember, until my Grandma told me one day that we were "making memories". I am located here in Oregon and my Grandparents in New Mexico. So of course anytime that we got to spend together were precious. We would laugh so very much and have such a good time. Each visit was chalk full of good times and good memories and we cannot forget all the food and goodies. We would laugh so hard that we would be crying. 

I am sure everyone is saying, yes, that is how I remember my grandparents too. Well that is probably true but I feel mine were special Grandparents and I know the memories we made will always be special and held close to my heart.

So when I started designing this collection, I wanted a special name for the collection and it just came to me in a New York minute, (one of Grandma's fun phrases) that Making Memories' was perfect as that is what a music box locket is all about. A special memory to be made going forward or remember one looking back.

And of course it just rolled out from there, each piece I made had my Grandma in my thoughts and flowing through to the designs. Each locket reminds me in some way of my Grandma and a special memory with her. 

You would have to have known my Grandpa to know that any alone time with Grandma was precious because Grandpa was a crack up and wanted all of the attention on him. Grandma would always say when we chatted on the phone to go ahead and talk to your Grandpa and when you come to visit we will get to talk. And talk we did!

She taught me many things as she was such a classy lady with a big heart. Just the perfect little lady in every way. My Aunt calls her my "Little Mama" and that describes her to a "T". Grandma was always dressed to perfection and loved wearing her heels, classy clothes and jewelry. Hair was perfect everyday. House was fabulous and company ready at all times and could she ever cook. Oh, Oh, and also such a good shopper. A shopping trip with Grandma would  find you thinking about clothes a different way. One example was a gorgeous yellow outfit I would never have given a thought about wearing myself. She would pick out and say "oh this is perfect ,yellow is always a good color and it would look and feel just great on you. Plus you could talk to her about everything. Advice she gave was always spot on and given with love.

Such a smart class act, they do not come along very often in life but I was fortunate enough to have met her, been in her life and learned some things every girl should know. 

I just want to say Thank You Grandma for all the special memories we made and making sure we stopped and took the time to make them.

You never know how much a person means to you until you loose them and then you think about them everyday. So for those of you that are still blessed to have your Grandparents in your life and especially your Grandma, take a moment and call them, hug them, send them a message letting them know how much they are loved. And above all make some memories with them to always hold on to.  

Enjoy my "Making Memories" collection dedicated to Geri Mead. I would love to tell the potato story but I will leave that one up to my Aunt. :)

Classy and Elegant

Love of Beauty

Something Shiny

Many more lockets are available at Char's Favorite Things, stop by and check them out. Perfect for Mothers Day or any other special occasion.

Celebrate the love and memories of Toad and Geri (Grandma Mead). Wouldn't it be fantastic if all those that loved and knew this couple would post a story here. It would go on forever. Missed by many, Loved by all. 


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  • Anonymous on

    Thank you Char for dedicating this line to my Little Mama. She would be so proud. She loved you so much. And yes she was a class act if there ever was one. We know heaven is a better place since her arrival there. I can’t tell the potato story because I know she would find a way to get me back so it will just have to be one of our precious memories that we keep tucked away in our hearts. We miss them both. Love, Ang

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