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Vinegar and Weeds


Summer is one of my favorite seasons. Gorgeous flowers in bloom, plants are big and vibrant and everything is lush and green. That includes the weeds in my flower beds. They are healthy and grow bigger everyday.

Even though I love summer and enjoy looking at my flowers and plants in my flower beds, I detest weeding. Always have and always will.

With my collection of animals as well as the neighbors fur babies I do not like to use chemical weed killer so every spring and summer it is a chore to keep up with the weeding. I think this summer is going to be different.

While hanging out on Facebook I saw a post about a weed killer that is pet friendly, easy to make and works well. I was game to try it and went out today and bought the ingredients, very simple, just vinegar, Epson salts and dawn dish washing liquid. All of which I had a home already but just not quite enough.

I came home and recruited my husband to mix it up per the recipe. We put it in a large sprayer and off I went to test it out. I sprayed the heck out of my large fountain flower bed careful not to get any on my plants and flowers. I used it all and hoped for the best.

When we went out to check several hours later I was amazed! It worked better than roundup or anything else I have ever used. Weeds were already a lovely brown and drying up nicely. I could not believe it. Even the grass I sprayed it on was starting to wilt down and turn brown after a few hours.

Tomorrow I will tidy it up a bit more and put bark dust over all of it, then just spray any stray weeds that may come up throughout the ย summer with this amazing organic mixture. I love it and so will all my animals, now I don't have to worry about using chemicals and don't have to spend a ton of time weeding. I can just enjoy the results.

I didn't think to take before and after pictures of the nasty little weeds but will post the pictures from Dettlesbird Blog, which is where the recipe on Facebook came from. She has a lot of great information.


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  • Michele Davidson on

    This is very good news!! I will pass this on to Chip and my mom!!

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