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Count Down to Los Cabos Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The summer is fast flying by as usual and I just realized I had not posted anything on my blog for awhile now.

I have been busy keeping my flower beds free from weeds, or trying to anyway. Fighting the never ending fight with my weed eater. I end up having to buy a new one almost every year. I guess weed eating my tall grass is hard on them.

My blueberry bushes are 6 years old this season. I have four of them and they are huge. It is keeping me busy trying to keep them picked and making jam. I am also freezing some this year as there are so many on the bushes. I am glad we only planted four bushes instead of the six that I originally wanted.

I love the summer season but am looking forward to the end of September this year. It is a special anniversary for us and we will be going to Mexico to celebrate it. So of course I am counting down the days and doing the diet thing so my swimsuits will fit!

I can't wait until we get there so I can do some shopping in the local shops and flea markets. To get in the shopping mood I have found some fun things on Etsy to entertain me until we leave.Β 

Hope you enjoy looking at a bit of Mexico.


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