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More than just a team.

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Having an online business can sometimes be a wee bit overwhelming, especially if your business is new or even if you have an established business, new challenges and opportunities crop up all the time.

An online shop most often has you working from home, oh but wait this is where everyone chimes in with, "oh but you get to work from home"! Oh yes, online business owners get to "work" from home. And we really do work. Some people have a different perception of what working from home is. Many people think you get to watch TV, hang out, meet friends for lunch, go shopping and the list goes on and on. But really we work, we have the luxury of setting up our own work schedules which usually means you work many hours so you can add in the house work, making dinner, making appointments, meeting repairmen if something goes wrong, taking the pets to the vet. the children to doctors appointments. Then after all that you must still work. And believe it or not, many people maintain an online business and work at a full time job. I myself love it or I wouldn't do it because it keeps you super busy!

When you work at a conventional work place you can always chat with co-workers or peers about work issues, working from home is different. I have a online website and shop on Etsy. Etsy gives you a great oppurtunity to meet people like yourself who deal with the same issues. Many people find that it is helpful to join teams on Etsy. This is very true but it is important to find a good team and that is sometimes hard.

I have been very fortunate to find an awesome team with the most amazing members. It is called the Potti Team, and this stands for "Pals on Twitter Treasury in Group" – A promotional team on Etsy. The team has amazing leaders who put many hours of their time into managing this team. The team is very active, members do promotional activities and chitchat on a daily basis. If you run into an problem or need to talk about a special situation or have off the wall questions, the team members and leaders have the answer and you don't have to wait for help. Someone always seems to be online and available to offer help and advise. I think most of all my favorite thing about being on this team is we are friends. We have learned about each others families, pets, lives and it feels like we've known each other forever.

One of the great things our team does is feature team members shops weekly. This weeks shops that you should stop by and check out are, CHICKIE VINTAGE LOVE for Vintage Collectibles, Jewelry, Clothing and PAISLEY PURVEYOR TOO for Ponchos, Wraps, Blankets and More.

The team also does daily individual promotions of awesome items in our members shops. To keep up with trendy unique gift items, vintage finds, and so much more follow our team at the following sites:




Potti Team Members on Etsy

Some of the Unique Gifts in the Potti Team Shops.


Unique Gifts

Perfect gifts for everyone and all occasions.
New Years Classy Mink Wine Bottle Collar, Champagne Bottle Collar, Wrap, Mink Faux Fur Hostess Gifts Parties, Weddings, Wine & Spirits
Funky Vintage black seed bead and gold toned plated necklace
Antique Edwardian Green Blue Beaded Purse
Blue Evil Eye Greek Worry Beads, Komboloi, Silvertone Metal Master Bead & Black Tassel
Vintage 80s Black Gold and Dark Green Wide Leg Jumpsuit Pants Suit
Cat Ears Hat Cat Beaie Chunky Knit Winter Accessories Animals Hat  cat ears hat graphite black
Dragons Breath Opal Jewelry Necklace Winter Gothic Jewelry
Soviet Watch. Poljot Vintage Russian Men's Mechanical Wristwatch Date Calendar USSR
Black Lace Bow Hair Clip
Autism Necklace - autism jewelry - mother's necklace - statement necklace - resin jewelry - handmade - free shipping.
Black Wool Cloche with Black Velvet - Velvet Trim Cloche - Black Velvet Wool Cloche
3-Day SALE Vintage Hanging Cast Iron Matchstick Holder
Black crochet doily, lace doily, round doily, 12", Halloween decor
1980s Assemblage Brooch Black Flower Pin (7KBX)
Black Thermoset Arthur Pepper Silver Tone Necklace
Miniature Top Hats Black and Red With clips
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  • Michele Davidson on

    Thank you, Char – I appreciate you kind and perceptive comments…
    Thank you for your very important part in making our team all that it is….from the beginning!!

    ․ ․`’♥°☆.¸¸.☆¨¸¸.☆¨
    ․ ․ ․ `’
    ․ ․ ․․․ ․․ ․ ․ ♥

  • Vallee Rose on

    Awe Char – you put tears into my eyes. I love our POTTI team and as everyone as said – you said it so so well – thanks again and so glad we met before the team and here as well!

  • Shannon McCollum on

    LOVE the blog post Char! If this doesn’t make you want to check out The Potti Team, I just don’t know what would!
    This is a great team and I also feel fortunate to be a part of it!

  • Rachel Humphries on

    This is a beautiful blog! You didn’t miss anything! Everything you stated is so true! What a fantastic team it is! Irreplaceable! The time you put into this is appreciated!

  • Char's Favorite Things on

    Thank you Michele, for all the work you and Jesse put into managing our team! And a thank you to all our members who help out with the boards, fb and all the rest that they do. :)

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