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Check out the Hooters!

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Now you knew we were talking about owls right? This fun collection was curated by Deb from Debbie's Crochet on Etsy. Check out her lovely shop featuring custom crochet from dish towels to slippers. I love her slippers and wear the pair I got from her very often to keep my toes tostie! She also has some amazing rugs and other fun items. Showing Off Our Hooters In The Potti #Pottiteamt Some great owl items Antique style bronze owl locket pendant necklace beadhobby $7.00 Vintage ART Owl Brooch imagiLena $28.00 Hanging Kitchen Towels Owls DebbieCrochets $12.00 Owl Baby Age Stickers Owl Infant...

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Perfect etsy collection for this sunny day.

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Treat yourself to a fun time by browsing through this gogeous golden collection of gift and collectables curated by Sunny Beads by the Sea. Enjoy a visit to their unique shop featuring their collection that includes Worry Beads - Komboloi, Evil Eye & Tassel Jewelry, Keychains and more at affortable prices. Golden Beautiful items from the Potti Team. Vintage Warner Flower Heart Brooch, Lilac Dimensional Pin imagiLena $35.00 Brooch Double Gold Heart, Vintage Signed by Tona Shiny and Matte Hearts - Boho Chic - Trending Womens Jewelry Lilyspad58 $20.00 Kings OWLS - art PRINT OWL print dictionary art on antique book page...

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More than just a team.

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Having an online business can sometimes be a wee bit overwhelming, especially if your business is new or even if you have an established business, new challenges and opportunities crop up all the time. An online shop most often has you working from home, oh but wait this is where everyone chimes in with, "oh but you get to work from home"! Oh yes, online business owners get to "work" from home. And we really do work. Some people have a different perception of what working from home is. Many people think you get to watch TV, hang out, meet friends...

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