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One Stop Holiday Shopping

The year has managed to fly by at lighting speed and here we are again starting to do our holiday shopping. It is always so busy this time of year. Even if you do manage to squeeze some time into your schedule to hit the stores it may not be a fun trip.  There are so many people shopping, the parking lots are packed and lets not forget the crummy weather. So with all this in mind I try to do a large part of my shopping online so I can shop when I want at a leisurely pace.

I also love to get unique gifts that you cannot find at the big box stores. I look for something that will fit the recipients taste and hope that their eyes light up and a big smile is on their face once they have unwrapped their gift. Where do I find a big selection of awesome gifts, well on Etsy of course!

When you think of Etsy many people think of handmade, but Etsy vendors offer so much more than handmade goods. You can get lost looking at all the goodies that are offered on Etsy, there are yummy treats, vintage finds, crochets gifts from doilies to sweaters, fine art prints, supplies for any of your projects, jewelry.  The list just goes on and on way  too many to list that is why I like to pour a glass of wine and take my time getting lost looking for the perfect gift.

I never have to look to far as I start out perusing the shops of a Etsy team I belong to. There is so much talent in our group it never ceases to amaze me. We are a small group that do big things as a group to promote our shops, but most important we have built very strong friendships along the way.

So if you are ready to start your holiday shopping I suggest you take a trip to Pottiville that is a magical town where the members of Pals on Twitter Tweeting in Group Team hang out.

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One you have joined us you can enjoy our vendors selection of vintage, art work, crochet goods, jewelry, supplies and so many other awesome finds. And at the end of your shopping trip I think you may find you have found the perfect gift. Just click on the link below to start your holiday shopping.

Potti Team Member Shops

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  • Char's Favorite Things on

    Thanks Michele!

  • Michele on

    Char! This is SO COOL!!! Everyone’s shop looks Great! I must get shopping soon!!!! Xoxox

  • Laraine on

    This is a beautiful display of some of the items the Potti Team has to offer. Thank you very much!!! You are a sweetheart.

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