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What's new this year.


As usual another year has come and gone. And not only a new year but the month of January is now at the end. It is true that time seems to fly.

The holiday season for 2015 was busy . We added Handmade on Amazon as a additional venue to sell our jewelry  and Amazon buyers

seemed happy for the opportunity to purchase handmade.

January has been the month to get caught up and try to get ready for the new year. It is always fun to purchase supplies to make new designs and I have been busy

doing that and coming up with some new designs to add to our current line up.  Below is a sampling of some of our new music box locket designs.

Music Box Lockets

Although we have quite a few new designs in the works we are still creating our collectible pocket watches that are perfect for your wedding or any special occasion. If you don't see just what you are looking for, contact us. We are happy to work with you on a custom design just for you.

Pocket Watches

Untitled design (7)

On the design board for the year 2016 will be "hand crank music box necklaces". We have offered them in the past as one of a kind designs but they have had such a positive response we will be

adding a large selection to choose from this year. Truly a unique look and style.

Untitled design (4)

Our last bit of news for the new year is that we will be updating our website. Currently you can view all of our products on our website but when you purchase one you are directed to our Etsy store. We will be changing this, you will be able to browse and purchase any product that you want from our website and not be redirected to one of our other online shops. With this change  you can view new designs on our website before we list them on our Amazon or Etsy stores. Also if you follow us on our social media accounts you can take advantage of special offers when purchasing direct from our new website.  Visit us at

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